Just a small blog post, but I have been having a sense of dread every since the hype broke the earth atmosphere. What if the movie sucks? What if we get a Pacific Rim sequel? (With 100% less robot, and 100% more Godzilla) I just don't know. Trailers can make movies look a little too good (Pacific Rim again), and that could be just the same with Godzilla. I really hope that it doesn't happen, as I haven't seen a good Godzilla in the movies in my life time (I'm pretty young :D) and I hope this be the one (And hopefully not the last). I don't know, but something about the whole hype is going to jinx the thing, but thats just me.

But hey, what could possibly go wrong...

Oh just saying, Because I live in Australia, I think I get to se the movie one day before Americans, due the 26 or so time gap.