Ok, So like with my last post, looking on the Wikia I can see that Super Godzilla doesn't have an official Length (On here at least), so I thought that I might give a solution to this problem. Using the pixel amount f

rom Super Godzilla's Standing Sprite (So if on a sprite sheet, it would be the first in his walking cycle) I can see that from his tucked away tail to the tip of his nose, he is 62 pixels in length (I hope I am getting the length correct here, or else I am really dumb).

If each pixel is 1.3 metres as we figured out last time, Then if we do 62 x 1.3m we get 80.6 as our length. So from this I can say Super Godzilla is around about 80/81 metres long, and is 110m tall.


The Standing Sprite