Godzilla: Unleashed Speedrun WR

Ha, I have done it. I have created the first Godzilla: Unleashed Single Segment Speedrun (So just one sitting, one video etc). I guess this makes me the world Record holder(?)! I just completed the run and I am uploading the video to Youtube as I write this. I did the run in 27:43 and I had some pretty good luck during it. However the video is really low quality, and I doubt many people will see it, let alone make it the "actual" World Record, but hey, I am really proud.

(If anyone thinks they can beat this time, please do so. I played on Easy mode and with Destoroyah so go ahead, but be warned. If you beat it, I will beat yours)

  • Edit: I beat the time, with my second run time of 27:16.*
  • Edit (Again): Videos!
    Godzilla Unleashed Single Segment Run 227:17

    Godzilla Unleashed Single Segment Run 2

    The Second Run. WATCH AT OWN RISK

    Godzilla Unleashed Single Segment Run 127:44

    Godzilla Unleashed Single Segment Run 1

    The first. WATCH AT OWN RISK

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