I'm not sure if this news to anyone, and I am quite late to post this (I'm lazy) but Screwattack, the people behind the very popular web series "Death Battle", (where two (Or more) Characters from differing games, shows, movie etc battle to the death, determining who wins based on weapons, armour and abilities.) are going to tackle a very highly debated subject. Godzilla or Gamera? Who is better? Who is worse? Well, I guess we will just have to see, I guess. 

A few things from a Godzilla fan (Agree or disagree with me, do what you want):

1. I hope they go for a single Godzilla (If it's 2014, I'll be disappoint) or combine all of them (A big task).

2. (If it's) The single Godzilla they go for, they would be wise to match him up with a Gamera from the same era (Year, whatever). 

3. Supports/Villains. The Death battles have a recurring theme of bringing in other characters from the same universe to support the main fighter. If they go this route (Unlikely, but still) I would hope that Anguirus and Toto (I don't know much about Gamera! Sorry if he actually has some companions throughout the series) would appear, or if the villains are in, SpaceGodzilla/Destoroyah & Iris/Barugon Or King Ghidorah & Gyaos.

But hey, Lets just see if they succeed or fail. Lets hope for the former.

(I really do miss making these, though I have not much to talk about. Maybe a Evangelion and Godzilla comparison? Eh, I'll get around to it, Whether you want me to or not! :)