Hi, I'm GodzillaDestoroyah and I'm really new to the wikizilla, and I only have 2 blog posts... but I love the wikizilla community, and I thought of something that might spark some fancies (I wish). I have an idea for a thing that people on the wiki to think about:

A Leader board of sorts for Godzilla: Unleashed (I really like G: U). This idea might work like this:

Speedrun leader board - For Speedrun times of Godzilla: Unleashed, Just Send me your times, difficulty and monster and if the time is good, and the time matches the difficulty and monster, you will get a spot on the leader board. remember, idea only. (Maybe if people do it enough)

A Versus Request: I can record my Wii, and if people want a versus, I can provide for that.

Anything else: Anything else people want, I might do them... Within reason of course.

So yeah, If anyone wants something, or wants to be apart of the leader board or wants me to pit two monsters against each other, Message me on my message wall please. (Say Titano, if you read this, Is this something people can do?)