So I have had a thought for quite some time. "What if Godzilla exploded?" This is a main part of the plot for Godzilla vs Destoroyah, as Godzilla is going to explode if nothing is done. Well, lets see what would happen if he did. First, lets look at his weight. 60,000 tons. Ok then, so if we convert 60,000 directly to 60,000 tons of TNT... Well...

60,000 tons (Explosive) converted to Kilotons (For NukeMap, the tool I'm using.) is 60KT. This is what 60 kilotons looks like:

NukeMap -1

Pretty big, Right? Well, lets covert the 60,000 tons of weight to kilotons, Because Godzilla is going into a nuclear meltdown (Also because of demonstration purposes.)

At 60,000 KT:

NukeMap -2

Now thats the explosion I was looking for!

And for the hell of it, 60,00 Megatons (Because Godzilla)

NukeMap -3

Ahh, Explosions.

But, of course, as they say in the movie, Godzilla's heart is a nuclear reactor. Now, whilst explosion are cool and all, reactors don't explode (Well, like nukes.), as Fukushima would be gone, along with Chernobyl. So Godzilla wouldn't (Technically couldn't, but I am not a nuclear scientist, so I don't know how it couldn't, but trust me, it can't explode!) explode in a blaze of glory.

Gah, my first post in a while and its not even that good! I'll be back with something else, don't you worry! Maybe a map of all the Godzilla: Unleashed levels? But like my last promise, it might not come true. Ta tah for now.