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  • I live in Outback, Australia
  • I was born on December 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • GodzillaDestoroyah

    So if you are like me, I love Godzilla games, even though they kinda suck. Well this new PS3 Exclusive (Says IGN, so who knows) looks so amazing it might even take the place of my #1 game, Godzilla: Unleashed (Yes it is, on the Wii at least). It seems to be based around the movies, and where you play as different incarnations of Godzilla. I hope that you can play as other monsters (Cough Destoroyah Cough) but we will wait and see. Also the Kiryu looks amazing, which might mean that he is an enemy (Most likely) or a playable character (less likely). Another brilliant thing is that it is brought to us by Bandai Namco and not Atari, which me very, very happy. If this game can top the other games, it might gain some actual attention and positi…

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  • GodzillaDestoroyah

    I know I am 2 weeks late.

    Alright, so the Godzilla Vs Gamera Death Battle is delayed. Crap. The hard drive that the actual video (facts, commentary etc) Is lost, because the hard drive it was on died. But the actual battle is not lost, for that is on another computer (Woot) so we don't have to worry about that. Also, can anyone tell me what the hell kind of a Godzilla are they using, because it doesn't remind of any Godzilla model I know (Which is limited, but I know enough). It looks like LegendaryGoji  X SokogekiGoji X FinalGoji X MireGoji.

    I'm also gonna give my thoughts on the new game, so I'm making a come back! (Not really)

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  • GodzillaDestoroyah

    So I have had a thought for quite some time. "What if Godzilla exploded?" This is a main part of the plot for Godzilla vs Destoroyah, as Godzilla is going to explode if nothing is done. Well, lets see what would happen if he did. First, lets look at his weight. 60,000 tons. Ok then, so if we convert 60,000 directly to 60,000 tons of TNT... Well...

    60,000 tons (Explosive) converted to Kilotons (For NukeMap, the tool I'm using.) is 60KT. This is what 60 kilotons looks like:

    Pretty big, Right? Well, lets covert the 60,000 tons of weight to kilotons, Because Godzilla is going into a nuclear meltdown (Also because of demonstration purposes.)

    At 60,000 KT:

    Now thats the explosion I was looking for!

    And for the hell of it, 60,00 Megatons (Because Godz…

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  • GodzillaDestoroyah

    I'm not sure if this news to anyone, and I am quite late to post this (I'm lazy) but Screwattack, the people behind the very popular web series "Death Battle", (where two (Or more) Characters from differing games, shows, movie etc battle to the death, determining who wins based on weapons, armour and abilities.) are going to tackle a very highly debated subject. Godzilla or Gamera? Who is better? Who is worse? Well, I guess we will just have to see, I guess. 

    A few things from a Godzilla fan (Agree or disagree with me, do what you want):

    1. I hope they go for a single Godzilla (If it's 2014, I'll be disappoint) or combine all of them (A big task).

    2. (If it's) The single Godzilla they go for, they would be wise to match him up with a Gamera f…

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  • GodzillaDestoroyah

    Just got back from seeing the movie, and it is Great. I am so glad they got some really good actors to blend with the realism and scare of Godzilla. Then they brought the nukes. But I can't complain; the design of Godzilla fits him pretty well in this movie, giving him a much more Prehistoric look, rather than T-Rex. The action, one of the main selling points, is Fantastic. I am not going to spoil anything, but the way Godzilla defeats the M.U.T.O makes the Pacific Rim "Tanker baseball Bat" look like moment on Godzilla island. GO SEE THIS! 

    ~From the isle of Australia, 1 Day before. :)

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