my vision of the next atari game part 2:monsters

Giganfan73 January 28, 2014 User blog:Giganfan73

like Godzilla unleashed,this game would feature 4 factions.The earth monsters,mutants,defense force mechs,mutants,and aliens.

Earth Monsters:

godzilla 1954,1962,1964,1967,1968,1973,1984,1994,1995,2000,2001,2004,(1955 and 2014 as DLC)

mothra 1992  (larva and adult are seperate characters)

battra (larva and adult as seperate characters)

rodan 2004 (1956 and 1993 as DLC)


anguirus 1968,2004

baragon 1968,2001

varan 1968

gorosaurus 1968

king ceasar 2004

kumonga 1968,2004

ebirah 1966,2004

manda 1968,2004

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