first of all,every monster in the game could punch,block,kick,and they would all have a unique special attack and several combos.The game would be released on the Wii U,3DS,PS4,and the XBOX-ONE.

Default Stages:planet X,tokyo,new york city,jupiter,moonbase,Mt. fuji,mars,seattle,france,Xillien mother-ship

Unlockable Stages: time-square,Shinjuku,osaka,saturn,monster island,word children's land,antarctica,sydney,infant island

all stages have a day/night option (other than campaign mode that is)

Stage Hazards:Super-X(shinjuku),godzilla statue(world children's land),fire dragon(monster island),giant condor(infant island),super-x 2(osaka),super-x 3(tokyo)Xillien space ship(planet X)

all stage hazards are killable

NOTE:this is part 1 of 2 or more