• Giganfan73

    Mutants Continued:



    destroyah (aggregate form and flying from as DLC)

    kamacurus 1967,2004




    moguera 1957

    gigan 1972,2004

    hedorah 1971,2004

    mechagodzilla 1974,1975 (fake godzilla as DLC)


    Monster X (and keizer ghidorah as seperate characters

    king ghidorah 1964,1991,2001

    and this conclude what the next atari godzilla game would be like if i made it! comment if you think this would be a good idea or not below

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  • Giganfan73

    Defense Force Mechs:

    jet jaguar

    ultraman (as DLC)

    zone fighter(japan exclusive)



    mechagodzilla 1993

    super mecha Godzilla (DLC)

    kiryu 2002(battle pack kiryu),2003(drill hand kiryu)

    gotengo 1963,2004


    space godzilla


    zilla 1998

    zilla Jr.


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  • Giganfan73

    like Godzilla unleashed,this game would feature 4 factions.The earth monsters,mutants,defense force mechs,mutants,and aliens.

    Earth Monsters:

    godzilla 1954,1962,1964,1967,1968,1973,1984,1994,1995,2000,2001,2004,(1955 and 2014 as DLC)

    mothra 1992  (larva and adult are seperate characters)

    battra (larva and adult as seperate characters)

    rodan 2004 (1956 and 1993 as DLC)


    anguirus 1968,2004

    baragon 1968,2001

    varan 1968

    gorosaurus 1968

    king ceasar 2004

    kumonga 1968,2004

    ebirah 1966,2004

    manda 1968,2004

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  • Giganfan73

    first of all,every monster in the game could punch,block,kick,and they would all have a unique special attack and several combos.The game would be released on the Wii U,3DS,PS4,and the XBOX-ONE.

    Default Stages:planet X,tokyo,new york city,jupiter,moonbase,Mt. fuji,mars,seattle,france,Xillien mother-ship

    Unlockable Stages: time-square,Shinjuku,osaka,saturn,monster island,word children's land,antarctica,sydney,infant island

    all stages have a day/night option (other than campaign mode that is)

    Stage Hazards:Super-X(shinjuku),godzilla statue(world children's land),fire dragon(monster island),giant condor(infant island),super-x 2(osaka),super-x 3(tokyo)Xillien space ship(planet X)

    all stage hazards are killable

    NOTE:this is part 1 of 2 or more

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  • Giganfan73

    Zilla..or Rhedosaurus?

    January 27, 2014 by Giganfan73

    Okay,I can't be the only one who was reminded of the beast from 20,000 fathoms while watching zilla 98 am I?

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