This is a backstory for the role play I came up with.

There once was a being named GodGodzilla who had a thought. From that thought Role Play multiverse was born, along with its first monsters, Orochi, Utsuno Ikusagami, and Acacius. Acacius used the Big Bang Attack and the first universe was born. Each monster was given domain over its own dimension. Utsuno was given the birth dimension, Acacius the living, and Orochi got the death. Each being created their own race to rule. Utsuno created the Mothras, Acacius created the first Godzillasaurus and other dinosaurs, and Orochi created the Ghidorahs.

Orochi had noticed that evil was getting introduced, so he created the Hate Dimension, where all evil monsters are sent. He created Kumonga, and put him in charge of the Hate Dimension. He set out to find the most caring monster he could, and that monster was Orga. He gifted her with the Love Punch, which sent evil creatures to the Hate Dimension if it was used on them.

Peace did not last very long, as Orochi got greedy, and tried to take over the world of the living. using his driving will created Hell, a place like the Hate Dimension, but much worse. Utsuno met Orochi, and they chashed. As soon as Utsuno's blade was stopped by Orochi's teeth, Purgatory was created. It was the balance between evil and good shattering that created this. After a long battle, Utsuno and Acacius managed to defeat Orochi and imprisoned his soul in a temple in Hell.

The balance was shifted, and Utsuno and Acacius lost their powers, and could no longer control their creations. RED, Solomon, and Ghidra were created. The races were moved to the living dimension, as RED and Solomon wanted their demension cleaned. Acacius retreated to a secluded cave, where he waits to be discovered, while Utsuno Ikusagami dissapeared into the cosmos.

But Ghidra got curious, and went and found the soul of Orochi in Hell. Orochi infected him, making him obey his every will. He transformed Ghidra into Devil Ghidorah, and sent him to destroy the universe and retake the land of the dead from RED.

While plotting to take over the land of the dead, Devil Ghidorah was detected by Utsuno, who came from the cosmos to remove the black soul. The battle raged for days, and Devil Ghidorah was finally weak enough for Utsuno to extract the dark powers from Ghidra. Unfortunately, one touch of the dark power made Utsuno fall into a heap. The extracted energy compiled into him, and he too, was taken over by Orochi. Then, Devil Ghidorah attempted to take over the planet of the Ghidorahs in his weakened state, but was stopped by Grand King Ghidorah and was imprisoned on Jupiter.

But another being was created, but was forgotten. All the discarded ideas from GodGodzilla formed into The Shapeless, and it was trapped between dimensions, vowing revenge on the universe.