A Call to Arms

Okay, so infoboxes have been updated. With that, I noticed something with the Vehicle infoboxes. The original code had a {{{PAGENAME}}} where the name would appear in the infobox, and thus, the name section would not need to be put on the page in some cases. I know it is standard to still put it but....I forgot. As such, there are now a TON of pages with { {name} } in the infobox instead of the actual name now, and it will take hours for me to do it by myself. So I am asking for any help I can get from anyone else who will take their time between things they do to help out. It's really simple: Under cations, add |name = (name of vehicle).

So, if anyone would like to help, I would really appreciate it and give much thanks!

(Oh, and if you come across one with < br >s, could you remove them too?)

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