The Thing With The Millennium Series

Garfzilla September 29, 2016 User blog:Garfzilla

This is the thing:


The year is 1999. A new Godzilla film! I watch it. Greeeeeaaaat thingie. 2000, another one came out. Great film too, but not as good as the last one. Then, in 2001, a new one came out. Very popular. I watched it. And i thought... it isn't that great. Then i thought, it's not not that great.

G gone bad

See the resembleance?

It's terrible. GMK WAS TERRIBLE. Then, in 2002, there was another one. Still bad. But better. Then, in 2003, in my opinion, the worst Godzilla film ever was made. Tokyo SOS was a complete piece of s***. I hated it. Just my luck that my least favourite Godzilla film was followed by my favourite in 2004.

But the Millennium, as a series, was a stupid ****
Kiryu reissue figure 2016

The worst Mechagodzilla

G-Force Mechagodzilla

The best Mechagodzilla.

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