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    As you all may or not know, Kawaii! Jenny actually has three other monsters beyond Garbage Monster, Giant Slalom, Itazuran and Kashima C. There are known as Massive Earthquake Catfish, Bloodstained Toe Shoes and while I am not sure about this aliens name, the trailer calls him "Pea-san". For a long time, little to nothing could be found on these monsters's existence, but now I have three images to show them. Unfortunately, the epsidoes they were featured in are currently not avaible and as such, there is little known on them right no, so they won't get pages yet. With that all said, here they are;

    • Pea-san is the "Alien Pet" who debuts from the fifth episode of the showm, according to a promo. He appears to be capable of flight, has a saucer a…

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  • Gallibon the Destroyer

    LOL, they look like kittens.

    Godzilla: "Anguirus, what are you doing laying on my tummy?"

    Anguirus: "I'm trying to hear the baby."

    Godzilla: "I'm not pregnant I'm hungry!"

    Anguirus: "Oh."

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