More Differences

​​Alright, I'm back. Here are some more ideas. The first two are from SuperNerd295.

Megaguirus male: Either a darker purple or the greyish black color from Unleashed.

Gorosaurus female: Would be a navy blue color instead of the green male Goro has.

Manda: Okay, so I used to think the versions with whiskers and horns were males, and the other version was a female, but since that's not the case, maybe you guys can jot down some ideas for this one.

Baragon: The female of Baragon would probably be the dark purple from the Atari games, maybe without a horn. Who knows?

Ghidorah 64: I actually thought of his original concept design.Just make it a little more femmine, and BOOM! Queen Ghidorah comin' at ya!

Kumonga and Kamacuras: Female Kumonga would have different colored eyes and different mandibles. Female Kamacuras would be a blood red color.

Alright, that's it for today, List #3 will be up soon!  

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