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aka Hey guys! I'm G-Fan Enterprises. Sup.

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    Alright. So, I have the fortunate hobby of making Godzilla kaiju in Lego form, so I thought I'd show you guys. I apologize for some of the blurriness in the photos. Ill upload some more of them later in the week.

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    Hey guys! Here are some pictures I drew using my figures as a basis. I put the names down just in case you don't know which is which.

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    Megaguirus male: Either a darker purple or the greyish black color from Unleashed.

    Gorosaurus female: Would be a navy blue color instead of the green male Goro has.

    Manda: Okay, so I used to think the versions with whiskers and horns were males, and the other version was a female, but since that's not the case, maybe you guys can jot down some ideas for this one.

    Baragon: The female of Baragon would probably be the dark purple from the Atari games, maybe without a horn. Who knows?

    Ghidorah 64: I actually thought of his original concept design.Just make it a little more femmine, and BOOM! Queen Ghidorah comin' at ya!

    Kumonga and Kamacuras: Female Kumonga would have different colored eyes and different mandibles. Female Kamacuras would be a blood…

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    Alright. So, here is a chart of what I think the gender differences the monsters can have, feel free to add an idea in the comments.

    Godzilla-Male: Looks like how we all know him.

    Godzilla-Species-Female: Probably a lighter shade of grey than the G-man, with rounder spikes.

    Anguirus-Male: Anyone of his incarnations.

    Anguirus-Female: I imagined the late Shows era version with darker skin, and maybe a different carapace.

    Rodan Species: We know that they both look the same.

    Varan-Male: Just like he appeared in his debut film.

    Varan-Female: Maybe a lighter color with the horns arranged differently.

    Mothra Species: Either we get a Mothra, a Leo, or a Battra. Leo seems more possible for the male.

    Well that's all I can think of as of now, so I'll catch yo…

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    New Member.

    March 6, 2016 by G-Fan Enterprises

    Hello guys! I'm G-Fan Enterprises! I'm glad to finally be here on Wikizilla, as I just turned 13 yesterday. This is my third year of looking around on this site, and I think it's a very nice place. Well that's about it, so see you around!

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