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  • I am lady
  • Flaredragon00

    I made my own Godzilla fanon website. I decided to make a blog post acting for critique. The site is still incomplete, so expect me to post links to new pages in the comments section. Be as nitpicky as you want! The only thing I ask is for you to give reasons for your claim. I don't just want "It's stupid." I want "It's stupid because."  I will respond to your questions/critiques with answers, and I will correct things as well.

    Also, just as a little question, which kaiju should I do next? Or should I get started on the "races" category?

    Also, note: this is an open critique. Anyone can comment. I won't bite.

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  • Flaredragon00

    And those Bob comments can just die in  a fire. I don't care about comments anymore.

    But now it seems Youtube is acting up, and it only shows my subscriptions when I'm on a channel. Otherwise it acts like I don't have any.

    And twoheadedgator, do not post anything about Bob in here. EVER.

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