The Kaiju memorial

We thank you for attending. In this blog post, we shall remember those who have fallen protecting us in the franchise. They shall be forever remembered. Shall we begin.

Battra: 1992-1992

Frankenstein: 1965-1965

The original Mothra 1961- 1964

Sanda: 1966-1966

Mothra (Rebirth of Mothra) 1996-1996

The GMK versions of King Ghidorah , Mothra and Baragon: 2001-2001

Godzilla (Heisei era) 1984-1991/1991-1995

and lets not forget

Daisuke Serizawa (original) 1954-1954

Namikawa: 1965-1965

What Godzilla death was the saddest in your opinion? And did i forget anybody? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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