Hello wiki users. I am Ethan.wallinag.33 Here i will discuss what i think should happen.

The Godzilla films consists of three eras

1.) The Showa eraGojira-Terror of MechaGodzilla

2.)The Heisei eraGodzilla 1985-Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

3.) Millennium EraGodzilla 2000: Millennium-Godzilla Final Wars.

But should the new Godzilla 2014 be the beginning of a new era? I say yes. Final Wars should be Millennium's finale, and, like Heisi and Millennium, this film will ignore the previous films. (They both kept the original Gojira, but that's besides the point. 

Here are some ideas for this era:

  • The Revival era
  • The Legendary era
  • The Suru era (Comes from part of the Japanese word for Computerize, a reference to how they use CGI now.)
  • The Pacific era ( Named for Pacific Rim, if we consider it a part of the new era)
  • The MUTO era (Named for the plot of the 2014 film)
  • The Gendai era (Named by part of the Japanese word for modern)

What do you think? Should this new film be in a new era? And should Pacific Rim be a part of it? Tell me about it below.