Hello guys. I'm back. I just had to get some things sorted out with my computer. Saw Godzilla this summer, and it was awesome.

Back to the rumor, people online say that some Asian Countries are going to get an end credits scene. Here is the synopsis:

We see an army of MUTOS cheering something. We then see it's Mothra, who creates a hurricane with it's wings.

There are many problems with this:

1: Why show an end credits scene to only half your audience? Makes no sense.

2: That scene they described is just like the end of X men: Days Of Future Past. MUTOS=Egyptions

Mothra = Apocalypse Hurricane = Building the Pyrimids. The only thing missing are the four horsemen.

3: The internet. With our vast communication systems and how long Godzilla was out, we would have known already.

Another day another rumor jossed. Thanks for reading.