Today i will talk about the ideas for LEGO, Legendary, and/or Toho could use for LEGO sets based on Godzilla 2014 and Classic Godzilla films.

  1. Godzilla and other kaiju: Using Bionicle and Hero Factory type pieces: These sets would be for individual Kaiju from 2014 and Classic era. 2014: Godzilla (2014), MutoUnnamed Multi-Legged Monster. Classic Era: Godzilla (Classic) Mothra, King GhidorahAnguirusBattraRodanDestoroyahMonster XHedorahBaragon.
  2.  The minifigures to accompany these sets are Ford Brody , Daisuke Serizawa (Legendary) (Godzilla 2014),  MUTO soldier, Monarch (Muto),  Army Soldier, The Colonel, (Whatever the Multi-legged monster is called.) Daisuke Serizawa (Classic) (Godzilla Classic), Fuji, Glenn, Namikawa,  Planet X controller (King Ghidorah) Tsukioka, Kobayashi (Anguirus) Dr. Kashiwagi, Shigeru, Kiyo (Rodan), Captain Gordon, Shinichi Ozaki (Monster X), and more.  For the Mothra set, microfigures would be used to represent the Shobijin.
  3. The Video Game. Based on several movies in the franchise, including 2014, Raids Again, Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster, Mothra vs Godzilla, Final Wars,  Godzilla vs Destoroyah., and more. Bonus Level: Pacific Rim.

Any other ideas?Tell me about it below.