Today i will review the original Gojira.

60 years ago in 1954, a legend was born. Out of the ashes of WW2 came the radioactive lizard that is beloved worldwide. Now here we are, 60 years later, and we have 27 more films, 2 cartoons, 1 live action tv series, and 2 remakes. This, and it's american counterpart Godzilla, King of the Monsters, showed that art can be made with a guy in a rubber suit. Here is the review:

The Good:

  • Godzilla of course.
  • Engaging and  emotional plot witch showed us how much damage atomic radiation could do.
  • The human characters are three dimensional and fully realized and are entertaining to watch for what little time they had. 

The Bad: 

  • There was no way the Oxygen Destroyer could have ever been used for good. It is a machine that destroyed what we need to live! (Though to be honest, that might  have been the point)
  • How does destroyed oxygen reduce something to bone? Makes no sense.

Though there are a few minor problems, this film is an absolute masterpiece, and i give it a 10/10.

Welcome to stardom, Godzilla