"Legendary Era'' size guesses

It is established that the 2014 Godzilla will be the largest Godzilla to date. He will probably be about 120m-150m tall. So since the Muto website implied the existence of other kaiju from the franchise, here are some guesses about their height:

King Ghidorah : 140m-160m tall.

Mothra; 30m-50m tall, 150m-160m wide. 

Gigan: Around the same height as Godzilla: 120m-150m tall.

Angirus: 100m-110m tall.

Rodan 120m-140m tall.

Battra: 60m-110m tall.

Gorosaurus: 67m-70m tall.

King Kong: 90m-100m tall.

Manda: 50m-60m tall, 100-200m wide.

King Caesar: 120m-130m tall.

MechaGodzilla: 120m-150m tall.

Any other guesses about the size of the kaiju? Tell me about it below.

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