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    ask a kaiju

    September 3, 2011 by Elipeapod

    you ask a kaiju a question like if you asked me a question like you: what does a kaiju eat and i will answor when i go back to this blog post like biollante: nuclear energy... have fun

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  • Elipeapod


    July 8, 2011 by Elipeapod

    hi my name is biollante 89

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  • Elipeapod

     Four years after Godzilla's rampage, a team of mercenaries from a corporation called Biomajor attacked a goverment team that was recovering the peices of Godzilla's flesh from the destroyed city. The mercanaries steal the G-cells but are caught and gunned down by an agent of the Middle Eastern country of Saradia. He steals them and uses them for his own country. The dictator of Saradia has built a lab for a Japanese Scientist named Dr. Shiragami. But a bomb from a terrorist strikes the lab destroying it. Five years later, Dr.Shiragami combined the DNA from his daughter's body to the DNA of a rose. He did this in hope of her soul living on in a rose. However, Biomajor spied on Shiragami . But Biomajor was being watched by a terrorist known…

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