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    July 10, 2015 by DrasticPark

    Based on GodzillaZero-One's Hebimizu blog post, so credit goes to him.

    |copyrighticon =Unknown_or_No_Trademark.png |image =Sharkosuchus.jpg |caption = Sharkosuchus' full body |name =Sharkosuchus |species =Fused shark and crocodile |nicknames =The Aquatic Terror |height =95-110 meters |length =?? meters |weight =75,000 tons |forms =None |allies =Occasionally other Sharkosuchus |enemies =Kazin, JSDF |relationships =None |controlled =None |created =DrasticPark |portrayed =Sprites |firstappearance =Sharkosuchus |latestappearance =Sharkosuchus |suits =ShodaiSharko |roar = }}

    The name Shark…

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