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    Kaijus are no asexual!!!

    You may not undestand this at first,but there's something i want to tell you about this.While reading articles on this wiki,i found some texts like this:

    • Godzilla continues to fire it's ray
    • King Ghidorah is among the most powerful creatures in daikaiju eiga with a reputation that has earned it the title "The King of Terror".
    • King Ghidorah is also one of the daikaiju most often mind controlled; it acts completely autonomously in three movies, in other appearances being controlled for most of its screen time by aliens.

    See what i talk about???Kaijus are no asexual.Godzilla's male and you still call him it!!!Same thing with King Ghidorah!!!

    I proppose that all articles with the word it should be replaced with he/she.Instead of its it…

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