• DestoroyahFreak

    Top 6 monsters

    September 26, 2010 by DestoroyahFreak

    This is a list made up of both Kaiju and other monsters

    1. Crimson Dragon (Megaman Starforce 3)
    2. Frankenstein
    3. Dracula
    4. Godzilla
    5. Darkside (Kingdom Hearts)
    6. Andromeda (Megaman Starforce 1)
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  • DestoroyahFreak

    ...Im back

    September 23, 2010 by DestoroyahFreak

    Hey everybody......Im back......

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  • DestoroyahFreak

    I came up with this idea involving using monsters from the godzilla in a blog RPG battle fashion.

    Rules I came up with:

    • Give monster hitpoints with a limit of 50hp
    • Write commands down that signify move being used by monster
    • Fanzilla monsters must be weakened to match up with other monsters
    • I get Destoroyah automatically
    • Go all out and battle.

    Give me feedback.

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  • DestoroyahFreak

    Ask Destoroyah

    June 25, 2010 by DestoroyahFreak

    I was inspired by Cloverfield monster's blog 'Ask the Cloverfield Monster' and made my own version.

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