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  • I live in The Deep Grounds Of The DERPED Planet :GFDDHGDGDGFDGHFDSGF
  • I was born on July 2
  • My occupation is To Destroy Everything With My Derpination
  • I am A FRIGGIN MALE!!!!!!
  • DerpZilla

    AGAIN ?!

    June 2, 2014 by DerpZilla

    The chat is going blank again ?!

    I cannot CHAT !!!

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  • DerpZilla

    Since this new wiki for role-plays came up came up, I want to add one, but the problem is that i don't have a emote, yeah I use Godzilla (2014) but can I use him for my character ?

    Bottom Line:

    • Is there any available Emotes ?
    • Can I use Big G 14 ?

    plzzzz reply

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  • DerpZilla

    KaijuMon !!!

    May 26, 2014 by DerpZilla

    hey you guys, I was bored so I decided to make own games named

    This is the 2014 package :D

    lel, I used MyPokeCard to make them. here are the cards I made :3 (more coming soon!)

    Tell me if you like them, which one that I need to update or which monster that I will do next ?

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  • DerpZilla

    Deadline says that a sequel is in the works ! :

    Now MORE hype will come ! what do guys think about the new sequel that is coming up ?

    What do you want in the new sequel ?

    WHICH monsters do you hope for to make the debut in the sequel ?

    lemme know it in the comments !

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  • DerpZilla

    Guyz , i am done with trailers now , enjoy :3

    Oh yeah the 2nd trailer !

    Hope you like it :D and thanx for liking

    So which one is Better ? lemme know in da commentzzzzz

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