Got another question for you today.

I'm sure the majority of us have seen or heard of the SNES game Super Godzilla. In that game, in order to battle the final boss Bagan, Godzilla is injected with King Ghidorah's DNA and then given an enormous power boost (whether via 'Energy Banks' or with energy gathered in the Super-X2) that transforms him into the god-like titan of the title.

Outside of the game, we've had a few other times when we've seen Godzilla been made into a more powerful form (both in official and fan works) - whether it's the original Godzilla, his DNA, a clone, etc.

Here's some examples:

My question is, what would you do to make an 'Ultimate' version of Godzilla?

  • What would its origins be?
  • What would its powers be?
  • What opponent would you want to face him? (if it's a made-up opponent, give details)