Another blog post from me asking you to say what would you do with this scenario.

The scenario this time is imagining if the movie Destroy All Monsters was instead an American movie with King Kong as its main monster and his allies been a group of other American monsters. My question been, which monsters would you have to fight alongside King Kong (and which monster would you have for the final Battle Royale instead of King Ghidorah?)

Here are the rules:

Here's a few American monsters just to get your imaginations going:

  • Rhedosaurus (The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms)
  • Clover (Cloverfield)
  • Giant Praying Mantis (The Deadly Mantis)
  • Giant Tarantula (Tarantula)
  • Giant Scorpion (The Black Scorpion)
  • Nancy Archer (Attack of the 50ft Woman)