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    Do you have any monster movies you'd like to see crossovers of with other franchises (including with TV shows and video games if you'd like)? Here's a few I'd like to see:

    1. Godzilla vs. Gamera: I don't think this needs much information as this is one of the most popular future match-ups that fans would like to see.
    2. Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim: Another popular choice by many. Seeing Godzilla joing forces with the Jaegars to take on various alien monsters would be pretty impressive.
    3. Gamera vs. Daimajin: This one was apparently one of the potential ideas for Gamera's second movie before eventually been replaced with Gamera vs. Barugon. I think it would be interesting to see how Gamera would deal with such an opponent, as well as seeing Daimajin closer t…

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    Another blog post from me asking you to say what would you do with this scenario.

    The scenario this time is imagining if the movie Destroy All Monsters was instead an American movie with King Kong as its main monster and his allies been a group of other American monsters. My question been, which monsters would you have to fight alongside King Kong (and which monster would you have for the final Battle Royale instead of King Ghidorah?)

    Here are the rules:

    • You can have any monster and mecha up to the present day, but only if they're American (such as the Rhedosaurus, Clover, the Jaegers, etc.)
    • You can't have monsters that are remakes of monsters from other countries, so the American Godzilla's and the MUTO's aren't allowed.
    • Likewise, the other mons…

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    In terms of Kaiju/Giant Monster movies, we've not really seen Britain create their own 'mascot monster(s)'. While we've created many movies that include monsters (such as Grabbers, The Descent, Attack the Block, etc.), the only giant movie monster movies we've made seem to be our own versions of King Kong (Queen Kong, Konga) and Godzilla (Gorgo).

    So, does anyone have any ideas for an 'original' mascot monster that Britain can call its own?


    How would the monster look?

    What would be its origin?

    What would its powers be?

    Would it be a hero/villain/anti-hero?

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    I think all of us have seen at least one kaiju/giant monster movie that we thought was crap - whether we're part of a majority or minority that think the same.

    However, if you had the chance to adjust the film so it was better in your opinion (and assuming money and other assets weren't a problem), what film would you choose to 'adjust' and what would you do differently?

    There's no right or wrong answers to this, so use your imagination and be as detailed or brief as you want. I'll start us off:


    MOVIE: Gamera: Super Monster

    The Zanon are the 'Ice Men' from the scrapped movie Gamera The Giant Monster vs. The Ice Men From Outer Space, with them flying in ships that don't look like rip-offs from Star Wars.

    It's revealed that the homeworld of the …

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    Got another question for you today.

    I'm sure the majority of us have seen or heard of the SNES game Super Godzilla. In that game, in order to battle the final boss Bagan, Godzilla is injected with King Ghidorah's DNA and then given an enormous power boost (whether via 'Energy Banks' or with energy gathered in the Super-X2) that transforms him into the god-like titan of the title.

    Outside of the game, we've had a few other times when we've seen Godzilla been made into a more powerful form (both in official and fan works) - whether it's the original Godzilla, his DNA, a clone, etc.

    Here's some examples:

    • Biollante - Hybrid composed of Human, Rose and Godzilla DNA
    • SpaceGodzilla - Mutated form of Godzilla (differing origin stories)
    • KongZilla - Fusion …
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