As I finished my Godzilla DVD collection not so long ago, I've started to buy other monster movies, Japanese and American. After getting such films as Rodan, Mothra, King Kong (Colourised) and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, I decided to start getting the Gamera movies on DVD.

And then I found the Gamera Legacy Collection and noticed it was a fiver. Eleven movies for a price that low? I just had to get it!

Seven Words - The worst decision I have ever made... Do not get this DVD, it is awful! I would not recommend this to anyone! The collection is made of four discs and instead of being layed out safely and cautiously, the four discs are all stacked upon each other. This means they scratch easily, top and bottom of disc.

Next, each disc itself. Each disc contains three movies, with the exception of Disc Three which only contains two. Each movie has been compressed just so it can fit on the disc, which results in pixellation of various things and some minor audio problems. The best way to confirm this is putting in Disc Two and watching Advent of Legion. Not only is the audio incredibly low, but the battle scenes are rather difficult to watch. Dust is pixelated, Gamera's fire attacks are blurred and Gamera's ultimate move at the end is lacking in detail, a problem you won't find on both the standard DVD and Bluray releases of the movie.

Okay, so both problems aren't too big, the TV volume can just be turned up and most people will most likely not be bothered by the visual problems. But you cannot deny the horrid problem with the subtitles. During around four or five of the films, some lines of dialogue are not subtitled, even in scenes vital to the plot. Some scenes have subtitles that change font size and boldness, whereas some don't match up to the characters, causing some lines to appear late. Some subtitles only appear for a split problem, making them impossible to read. I only encountered this problem on Gamera vs Jiger.

This is not a problem with the DVD or my DVD player. As of now, I have owned four different copies of the DVD, each one with the same problems. I have tested them on my DVD player, my Stepdads DVD player and my Nans DVD player. It can't be a problem with the scratches either because the first two copies weren't too bad and Disc One was free of scratches, yet still had the same problems.

I have returned my fourth (and final) copy and I am now buying each movie separately released by a different company. Yes, it will cost more, but the problems present on the Legacy Collection are unbearable.

I repeat, do not buy the Gamera Legacy Collection and buy DVD releases that actually had effort put into them.