Godzilla: The Game came out for both PS3 and PS4 not so long ago and it unfortunately did not do so well in America due to idiotic reviewers who think graphics make a game. However, it received more positive reviews in Japan and is apparently selling well over there. It also seems that it is doing well in the United Kingdom too, so at least the game is making a profit. Then again, it had a tight budget so it wouldn't take too much to make a profit anyhow.

But thanks to it's good sales, could the game possibly get a sequel? It's only just come out so of course, a sequel won't be in the works yet, but Bandai Namco has talked about it and didn't they mention the possibility of Bagan appearing in a sequel if the game sold well enough? I'm not sure if that is true, but if it is, then that means that Bandai Namco must of at least considered making a sequel if the game sold well.

If so, it would be great to see more monsters in the game! Personally, I would like to see Monster X, Bagan, Male MUTO, Female MUTO, Godzilla Junior, Zilla and maybe Zone Fighter. As much as I want Gamera to appear in the game, I don't think it would ever happen.