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  • Deathrock9


    I've been looking around this wiki to check if these three images have made it on to this site yet, but after some looking, I've found that they aren't. Supposedly, these images are of ShinGoji's multiple forms in the new 2016 movie that have been taken from the book / pamphlet given out at the screening of the film. I found these images here.

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  • Deathrock9

    King Kong VS.

    May 7, 2016 by Deathrock9

    With King Kong entering the Legendary Godzilla series in Kong: Skull Island, it's entirely possible that other King Kong characters (like the T-Rex) could also make an appearance. I'm sure they'll want to have a fight in the film seeing as how every other King Kong reboot has done so. Because of this, and the connections with Godzilla, I'm thinking that it could be entirely possible for a Godzilla kaiju to make a cameo in the film.

    These are the Kaiju I think could possibly appear, if Legendary are able to get rights to them and actually decide to do so.

    1. Gorosaurus - This is the most obvious choice, for two reasons. My first reason is that the T-Rex from the original movie is the character most often associated with King Kong when people …

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  • Deathrock9

    There have been many awesome fights in the Godzilla franchise, and some of them end spectacularly. This is a list of my three favourite Godzilla kills. Feel free to give your own favourite kills in the comments.

    Godzilla explodes Orga from the inside - Though Godzilla 2000: Millennium isn't the best of the Godzilla movies, it certainly had an awesome climactic fight scene. The moment Godzilla exploded Orga to smithereens was the first time I actually cheered out loud at a Godzilla movie, though it would have been even cooler if Godzilla had his blue atomic breath instead of his red atomic breath that he had in the first two movies of the Millennium era.

    Godzilla tricks Mothra - GMK is a fabulous movie and one of my favourite monster movies in …

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  • Deathrock9

    There have been multiple mechanical Kaiju in films produced by Toho, such as Jet Jaguar and Super MechaGodzilla. This list features my Top 7 Mechanical Kaiju and what I like/dislike about them.

    7. MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - Of the three MechaGodzillas, 'Super MechaGodzilla' is my least favourite. While his arsenal of weapons is pretty cool, he is let down by a pretty bad design. His head looks a bit goofy considering he is meant to be made in the image of the not-goofy Heisei Godzilla. He also looks far too shiny and comes across as more plastic than metal. If he had a better, more appealing design. He would probably be higher on this list.

    6. M.O.G.U.E.R.A. - In my opinion, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. is a pretty bland 'robot'. While I prefer the original …

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  • Deathrock9

    As there is a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla coming out in 2020, there will quite obviously be a DVD release. I'm thinking that they could try and advertise the original 1962 movie by rereleasing it on DVD. Do you think there is a possibility that they could rerelease it in Japanese with English subtitles? I honestly hope so.

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