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We will use the "Serizawa Scale" from Pacific Rim to determine which category of Godzilla's buddies/enemies. Try to be as reasonable and "realistic" as you can, use the information that was given in the movies. Finally, if you disagree with someone's opinion, feel free to give your own opinion. Have fun!

Heres mine:


Category 2

Why?: Though he's not very powerful, Gorosaurus could prove an effective foe for the Jaegers with his powerful Kangaroo Kick, his swiftness and, if you even count it, "his" burrow ability.


Category 2

Why?: Well I actually first saw Ebirah as a Category I kaiju, (the whole almost being killed by foot soldiers part helped support this) but after some thinking...

Ebirah is a Category II kaiju, being able to withstand the normal army weapons and tanks. The only thing that could stop him was Godzilla himself. And yes the foot soldiers easily took him down, but you have to remember that these were mutants, not ordinary soldiers. Though he weighs tons and is pretty tall, Jaegers could easily take this crustacean down like they did with Onibaba!


Category 3

Why?: With his dangerously acid body, ability to fly and shoot lasers, and his acid releasing pores; Hedorah could prove the Jaegers trouble. Seeing as how he can literally dump his body on anything, he could melt a Jaeger in seconds. Though the Jaegers could probably take down Hedorah with good aiming to his eyes.

Chainsaw Gigan

Category 4

Why?: I can only imagine that normal Gigan would be a hard to battle, but just imagine Chainsaw Gigan! I mean, he already has a deadly buzzsaw on his chest, ability to shoot cluster lasers, razor discs, and fly. So imagine how tough it would be for a Jaeger to take him down when he also has chainsaws as his hands!

I'll add more over time...