This is a blog in which you can list which kaiju should return for future Godzilla movies, here's mine:

  1. Orga (Everything about this guy makes me want him to return. His powers, his odd yet badass design, his roar, and the fact he almost ate Godzilla.)
  2. Titanosaurs (His aquatic appearance and cackle is great. It'd be nice to see Titanosaurs again this time as a friend (technically he wasn't an enemy in the first place, just mind controlled) of Godzilla who fights with him.)
  3. Destroyah (He's pretty important seeing as he was the closes to killing Godzilla, and that means Godzilla would have some unfinished business. Plus he looks like the damn devil himself.)
  4. King Kong (Come on, two of the greatest movie monsters fighting each other was awesome. Awesome enough that they should duke it out again.)
  5. Zilla (As I previously stated before, Zilla never got a fair fight with Godzilla (at least not in the movies). If their could be a fight like in Godzilla: Rulers of Earth in a Godzilla movie, that would be a dream come true.)

Bonus: Jet Jaguar (Why not?)