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  • Darthmaxx66

    Wow, now I don't know that much about Bagan. I honestly don't even care that much about him. But this...

    This is just freaking epic!

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  • Darthmaxx66

    Baragon is Bagan?

    April 28, 2014 by Darthmaxx66

    I have a theory that Bagan is actually an evolved form of Baragon. Think about them in terms of appearance. Both of them have a large horn protruding from their face, they both have very sharp teeth/fangs, and their skin color is similar along with their bumpy back "tiles". Also, the names are pretty similar...

    Baragon/Bagan: All you need to do is switch some letters around and take a few out from Baragon and you got yourself Bagan!

    (This is kinda a joke blog, don't take it too serious, okay?)

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  • Darthmaxx66

    In this blog:

    We will use the "Serizawa Scale" from Pacific Rim to determine which category of Godzilla's buddies/enemies. Try to be as reasonable and "realistic" as you can, use the information that was given in the movies. Finally, if you disagree with someone's opinion, feel free to give your own opinion. Have fun!

    Heres mine:


    Category 2

    Why?: Though he's not very powerful, Gorosaurus could prove an effective foe for the Jaegers with his powerful Kangaroo Kick, his swiftness and, if you even count it, "his" burrow ability.


    Category 2

    Why?: Well I actually first saw Ebirah as a Category I kaiju, (the whole almost being killed by foot soldiers part helped support this) but after some thinking...

    Ebirah is a Category II kaiju, bei…

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  • Darthmaxx66


    January 23, 2014 by Darthmaxx66

    This is a blog in which you can list which kaiju should return for future Godzilla movies, here's mine:

    1. Orga (Everything about this guy makes me want him to return. His powers, his odd yet badass design, his roar, and the fact he almost ate Godzilla.)
    2. Titanosaurs (His aquatic appearance and cackle is great. It'd be nice to see Titanosaurs again this time as a friend (technically he wasn't an enemy in the first place, just mind controlled) of Godzilla who fights with him.)
    3. Destroyah (He's pretty important seeing as he was the closes to killing Godzilla, and that means Godzilla would have some unfinished business. Plus he looks like the damn devil himself.)
    4. King Kong (Come on, two of the greatest movie monsters fighting each other was awesome. A…
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  • Darthmaxx66

    Any Zilla Fans?

    January 22, 2014 by Darthmaxx66

    I just gotta say, I love Zilla, not as much as Godzilla, but still. I love the way he looks, he actually looks like a dinosaur: bended over, scales, sharp claws, etc. I just feel as if he got off to a really bad start with people. To make things worse, Toho made him get absolutely destroyed in Final Wars (seriously, an 11 second fight?!). I hope that with the release of Godzilla 2014, we'll see a new Godzilla fighting game, and hopefully, have Zilla as a character; even if he is made into a DLC character.

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