This is the script me and and Mothra2000 came up with


(A giant black and white film comes on showing nuclear bombs)

Narrator:In World War 2 a nuclear bomb was dropped in Japan. This created one of the most destructive things in history.A monster by the name of...

(Godzilla's roar sounds and the screen goes black)


(The beginning of the end song from Godzilla Final Wars begins playing as it shows clips of Godzilla battling Ghidorah,Gigan, and clips of Reptilicus which ends when a giant slash mark goes through the screen and it goes black)

(The scene opens on a day in Tokyo,Japan and zooms into a building where a man named Grant is rushing)

Grant:I'm gonna be late!!Can't be late!!!

(He bursts through the door to the office of General Shima)

Grant:I'm here!!What is it you needed General Shima?

General: There have been a large amount of strange incidents in countries around the world. The latest involves the destruction of The Statue of Liberty in New York. Grant I need you to investigate.

Grant:Yes Sir!!

(It cuts to a scene where Grant is climbing into a plane)

Grant:This place is crowded

Unnamed Man:Stop Shoving

Unnamed Woman:Out of the way!!

(When everyone is seated a baby starts crying)

Grant:The damn baby!!!

(It cuts to the military base)
More to come