This is my idea for a video game series. It is very complex. It obviously takes place in another universe.

Basic Plot

In March of the year 2010,a meteor fell to the earth....

Onboard the meteor there were powerful D.N.A molecules. Within days they were growing into small creatures and escaped. Within 4 weeks of escape they had become the size of large buses and escaped. After 3 months he creatures had become 10 times more intelligent then humans and launched an attack on Los Angeles. As the creatures infested the city it was blocked from exit or entrance by the government. Believing the monsters to be locked inside they stopped watching the city. The population of Los Angeles was completely devoured within a month.

After this incident the creature were deemed Sparna which was a new word meaning 'Man Destroyer'.

As time went by Sparna began infesting all the areas in the world in any terrain. They launched an attack that by the year 2020 had eliminated 85% of the human race. Sparna began using 10% of the remaining humans to incubate their young. This left only 5% out of reach. All the humans came together and formed the Sparna Fighters.Those humans gathered all the weaponry they could find and went to war with the Sparna. After heavy amounts of fighting not even a dent was put into the immense number of Sparna

Now our hero,Cherry,and her partner,James,are our last hopes. They may be inexperienced but they have the spirit to get far enough in this war and the willpower to never give up. They are the human races best bet to survive.


Cherry:A 30 year old woman and our main character. She was born in a family with high ties to the mafia. The Sparna arrived when she was 20 years old,and during an attack on her hometown of Manhattan,New York in 2015,98.9% of the population were eaten or captured. She then vowed revenge on the Sparna and joined the Sparna Fighters. As time went by she seemed to never become more experienced but as the commanders noted she was an exceptional combatant and worked well under pressure. When she met James they became best friends and partners. They worked together well and barely argued. But it seems that whenever she fights a powerful Sparna it is keeping a secret from her.....

Sparna Language

I came up with some words that Sparna say in their language

  1. Do:Angry
  2. Zo:Insane
  3. Kano:Killer
  4. Dokano:Angry Killer
  5. Zokano:Insane Killer