I was inspired my Metroid101's ad's


I had an idea that each ad would involve a re-invention destroying a city but then Godzilla appears and stop's them to an original song.

King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah is attacking New York and tears the Statue of Liberty apart and prepares to destroy the Empire State Building. Godzilla appears and battles Ghidorah as 'Sweet Hell' by DestoroyahFreak plays. Godzilla unleashes his Super Atomic Breath and obliterates Ghidorah as the song ends and a demonic voice say's "Godzilla Revival coming soon"


Biollante is attacking Japan and destroys the Pagoda. When she prepares to unleash her roots to poison all of Japan,Godzilla appears and begins to battle her as 'Demon Strike' by Mothra2000 plays. Godzilla grabs her head and tears it off as the song ends and a demonic voice says 'Godzilla Revival Coming Soon'

More coming soon


Tell me what you think.