Godzilla Revival OST

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I accidentally posted this as a normal page


  1. Velonica-Aqua Timez [1]
  2. Rolling Star-Yui [2]
  3. Alones-Aqua Timez [3]
  4. Resistance-High and Mighty Color [4]
  5. Chu-Bura-Kelun [5]
  6. Nokori Kaze-? [6]

They are all from Bleach

[edit] Endings

  1. Orange-lil'b [7]
  2. Makenai Ai ga kitto aru-Yukie Nakama [8]
  3. I am Gothic-Spray [9]
  4. Waking Up-Julien-K [10]

Orange is from Bleach

Makenai Ai ga kitto aru is from Megaman X4

I am Gothic is from DDR

Waking Up is from Shadow The Hedgehog

[edit] Normal Songs (And moments they are used in)

  1. Battle Ignition-Dramatic moments before fights [11]
  2. This is my bankai-During Fights [12]
  3. Resistance- Also used during fights (Only during season it is the theme of)
  4. D-tecnolife-Used before and during certain fights in Godzilla Revival seasons 3 and 4 [13]
  5. Shooting Star-Not sure what to use it for [14]
  6. Never meant to belong-used during sad flashbacks [15]
  7. Will of the heart-used when villains realize the evil of their actions [16]


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