Godzilla Revival:Attack of Megaguirus

This is a video game idea I came up with


The game would feature 15 playable monsters from my reinvention series. Godzilla,Mothra,King Ghidorah,Repan,Megaguirus.Anguirus,Rodan,Destoroyah,and Clover in basic game modes. In the minigames you get Minilla,Megalon,Orga,Biollante, and a meganulon swarm.


It would be a fighting game with the gamplay of Godzilla Unleashed with the feel of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There would be a giant story mode that would take about 3 weeks for newer gamers and about 1 week for experienced gamers. The other modes would include:

  1. Battle (Basic fighting mode)
  2. Minigames (Allows you to play unlocked minigames)
  3. Custom Battle (Self explanatory)

What else should I haveEdit

Tell me in the comments

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