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    You can just call it Godzilla Revival:Giro Vs. Noah

    Just after the Prisoners Arc,Giro is looking at a series of papers. Giro begins yelling in frustration,when his glasses fall and break. After picking them up,he somewhat sees a small dent in a panel of the floor. He grips the dented area, and tugs as hard as he can. He then picks up a box,which turns out to contain the map to Noahs Ark!

    What follows is Giro's adventure to discover his true power hidden deep inside,with nobody by his side,as he fights against all his past foes to reach the treasure guarded by Noah himself,and all of the strongest enemies Giro and friends had ever faced

    A reimagining of the fail creature from that movie of the …

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    This is the second series of Reinventions. It takes place 20 years after the first series. It has several connections to the original series including the same settings and a couple of references and a small appearance by Koshiro and Luna as adults. These reinventions also contain Gamera monsters and several other companies monsters.

    Godzilla Millennium (G.M.) is a kid named Conan Edagawa (Obvious Reference). He lived in a small town in a barren area of Japan. One day he found a secret door in his basement and forced it open,discovering a deserted lab,covered in gore and blood. He entered an escape chamber,and discovered a computer console. On it was a recorded message of a man and his wife saying "Whoever finds this shall inherit the power…

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    This is my idea for a video game series. It is very complex. It obviously takes place in another universe.

    In March of the year 2010,a meteor fell to the earth....

    Onboard the meteor there were powerful D.N.A molecules. Within days they were growing into small creatures and escaped. Within 4 weeks of escape they had become the size of large buses and escaped. After 3 months he creatures had become 10 times more intelligent then humans and launched an attack on Los Angeles. As the creatures infested the city it was blocked from exit or entrance by the government. Believing the monsters to be locked inside they stopped watching the city. The population of Los Angeles was completely devoured within a month.

    After this incident the creature were …

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    My own Roleplaying wiki

    October 26, 2010 by DarkFawful

    It's still in the stages of rules being written and me trying to find a way to do the battles but otherwise it's ok to go on

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    Godzilla Revival OST

    October 25, 2010 by DarkFawful

    I accidentally posted this as a normal page

    1. Velonica-Aqua Timez [1]
    2. Rolling Star-Yui [2]
    3. Alones-Aqua Timez [3]
    4. Resistance-High and Mighty Color [4]
    5. Chu-Bura-Kelun [5]
    6. Nokori Kaze-? [6]

    They are all from Bleach

    1. Orange-lil'b [7]
    2. Makenai Ai ga kitto aru-Yukie Nakama [8]
    3. I am Gothic-Spray [9]
    4. Waking Up-Julien-K [10]

    Orange is from Bleach

    Makenai Ai ga kitto aru is from Megaman X4

    I am Gothic is from DDR

    Waking Up is from Shadow The Hedgehog

    1. Battle Ignition-Dramatic moments before fights [11]
    2. This is my bankai-During Fights [12]
    3. Resistance- Also used during fights (Only during season it is the theme of)
    4. D-tecnolife-Used before and during certain fights in Godzilla Revival seasons 3 and 4 [13]
    5. Shooting Star-Not sure what to use it for [14]
    6. Never meant to belong-used…

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