Hey guys, i was searching for card games and founded Illuminati : New world order, well, i was looking at it's cards and founded this one :          


If it had a fan name i would called Atomo, i would be happy if someone make a Atomo emoticon

This should be added to the Godzilla in Popular Culture page? You choose admins.

Oh, other thing, i founded a reference to Space Amoeba/Yog, the space monster and other old japanese movies (if someone can identify they thank you) in Dororon Enma-Kun Meerameera, a comedy anime :
Space Amoeba parody

You can see recolored versions of Gezora, Kamoebas and Ganimes.

In the same anime, at the start of the third episode you can see a scene parodying Ghidorah the Three-headed monster :

King Harumi

The Subtitles say : King Harumi. A monster with three heads with a thick layer of scales and a tremendous destructive power!

Well, this is it, sorry for my terrible english!