For a long while, I've always wondered of how some of these kaiju films end up rare. Many reasons, basically. For example, when the company that releases the DVDs end-up downsizing. Media Blasters/Tokyo is prominent one.

Sometimes the distribution rights to the few films either expire or some other reason. Sony's release of Son of Godzilla and Godzilla vs MechGodzilla. Why these two end up out-of-print is beyond me...I've never really got around finding out why.

Nowadays, most people just settle for importing and (which I'm not comfortable with) buying bootleg copies. In my case, importing. Ways to do this: buy a region-free DVD player. There are several on Amazon that are affordable and all. same can be said for Blu-Ray. You can find those in the $30-$40 price margin.

Now the films I'm planning on importing are:

  • Godzilla 1984 (Blu-Ray)
  • Gamera the Brave (Honk Kong ver.) *This one actually has English subs...or so the description says.*
  • Dogora the Space Monster *Either I import the IT ver. or whatever is cheaper...*

But yeah...there you go. Are there any Kaiju films you plan to import? If so, which ones?