The year is 2009, and our heroes (the Lyoko Warriors) are finally graduating but strange events start to unfold around Kadic after a certain pink haired girl wakes up from a mysterious dream that would lead her to discover a strange secret behind her parents past. Meanwhile several new students enroll in Kadic who befriend our heroes who they find very interesting although some of them strange but will our heroes, along with the help of their new allies be able to face the ultimate danger or perish as they together face the new dawn?

Special guest appearance by: Godzilla!

note: This is my first fanfic so if anyone has any suggestions please just let me know.

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Brief Summary

In the beginning, there was darkness and destruction. Then, came the twenty crystals. Objects of immense and incredible power believed to have been made from the very will and cosmic power of all the universe itself. Said to know every secret and study of every world known and unknown throughout the universe. Some believe, that to possess even one of these crystals, he will have gained the powers of God. There are seven which represented light and all things good in the universe and thirteen which represent darkness and all other things in the universe. Where they came from and what their purpose was, nobody knew. Yet as endless eons have passed. The Legend of the Twenty Stones had started to fade and eventually disappear forever.