Poster for Godzilla vs the Buraki

Hello. It's the Cloverfield monster again. After a while long absence, I'm back.

Anyways, I want to share with you my latest movie idea. I saw a clip of the movie Dragon Wars and it looked awesome. So I came up with this. GODZILLA VS THE BURAKI. Here's the plot


Prophecy tells of a legend of a powerful serpent known as the Buraki: The Imoogi. He searches for the legendary artifact hidden inside this girl, right(That's how it worked in Dragon Wars). If the Buraki finds it, he will become ruler of the planet. But legend also tells of Godzilla, the only monster that can stop him. The Buraki emerges and goes on a rampage searching fot the artifact, then Godzilla appears and the 2 get in a big fight. But Godzilla realizes he can't defeat the Evil Imoogi alone. So he decides to team up with his longtime rival, Mothra, and the Good Imoogi, named simply Imoogi. Can the forces combined defeat this powerful threat?

And there you have it. Share your thoughts.