Hello. The Cloverfield Monster here. Today, I am going to give to safety tips on how to survive a giant monster attack. OK. Here's what you have to do.


Find out where your monster came from. There could be a varitey of possiblities like:

Coming from space

Or the bowels of a volcano

Maybe summoned by futuristic aliens

Or awakened by an atomic bomb Like Godzilla


Now imagine a monster did attack your city and the goverment ordered an evacuation

Avoid Bridges because you might become easy target for a monster

Avoid thoroughfares or the monster might be there and you'll be blasted by its atomic breath

Absolutley no matter what ALWAYS Avoid trains because the monster might eat them with you in it.

Escape using backstreets or nearby helicopters that haven't took off yet

How to stop the monster

Deploy the army. They might slow down or stop the monster

Commision a giant robot to fight the creature in combat

Summon ancient monster protector to fight the creature

Hope these tips help.


The Cloverfield Monster

P.S. I know I'm a monster too. But before I starred in Cloverfield I used to be a safety instructor.