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  • Cloverfield monster

    Recently, I've just come up with an idea for a new Kaiju after seeing some clips of the movie Ghostbusters. I kind of thought to myself. Why don't we have a movie like this, except with instead of ghosts, it's Kaiju. Now this hypothetical idea of mine is still in the planning stages, so bear with me.

    K-Force (Kaiju-Force) is an American science-fiction action-comedy film about a 20's age slacker named Rick living in Manhattan who finally ends up being forced to find a job to sustain himself. However, he unfortunately ends up screwing up at every job he tries. He can't even work at McDonald's, because he accidentally left the stove running, which eventually triggered a fire. It's been a month after that incident, but when giant monsters sudde…

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  • Cloverfield monster

    As most of you may or may not know, the upcoming Godzilla: The Game not only allows you to play as any number of monsters from the Godzilla series (though for some no MUTO), wreck cities and generally cause a ruckus. It also allows you to use custom songs to make your own soundtrack. So, what songs will you be using if you are going to utilize this feature. Here's some of mine:

    This is for when there are no other monsters around besides you. You know, the parts where you are just rampaging through the city:

    And that's it for me. What songs will you use if you are going to utilize this feature?

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  • Cloverfield monster

    I don't normally do this, but more Godzilla fans need to know about this. A youtuber by the name King Asylus is going to be releasing a fan-film called Godzilla vs Koopzilla on November 3rd, Godzilla's 60th anniversary. It's a re-telling of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode, "Mario Meets Koopzilla", except Godzilla's the bad guy instead of Bowser. Here are some trailers to help you learn more. They are ALL awesome. Forget Godzilla: Battle Royale, because this is going to be 10 times cooler.

    What do you think? I'm actually quite excited for this.

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  • Cloverfield monster

    I don't know if we are allowed to post fan-made stuff and share it with people, but I wanted to see what you think. The people at really liked it, so I want to see what Wikizilla thinks.

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  • Cloverfield monster

    I want to hear you guy's opinions on this. I was thinking up an idea for an American Gamera remake a while ago and I wanted to know what you guys would think of it. Here goes:

    I had an idea for an American Gamera remake because not many people I know know who Gamera is. And those who DO know who he is think he is a Godzilla monster. This would probably help the character gain wider recognition.

    I had an idea for a plot that goes back to the roots of the original Gamera movie. Not in terms of camp, but the way Gamera is portrayed. I had an idea that Gamera could go back to being a destructive force of nature that he once was. Gamera is a giant prehistoric turtle that was once an entire species at war with creatures called Gyaos. However, when…

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