aka The Blue Baron

  • I live in An Alternate Universe
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Stylin', Profilin', Jet Flyin', Limousine Ridin', Kiss-Stealin', Wheelin' n' Dealin' Son Of A Gun!
  • I am The Best...Around! Nothin's gonna ever keep me down...
  • ChaosWarrior17

    RP Characters

    June 2, 2014 by ChaosWarrior17

    Seeing how Wikizilla RP wiki is up, I want to hear your characters in a Role-Play!


    ChaosWarrior17 is a vigilante from an alternative universe, where an immense war is being waged between good and evil. He has the powers of energy manipulation, teleportation and telekinesis. When ever stranded in the normal universe and low on energy, he uses his powers to control a random Kaiju to fight for him (Mainly GhidoGoji and TokyoMosu).

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  • ChaosWarrior17

    Gareth Edwards said in an interview during the production of the new Godzilla film that he would like to make a sequel like Destroy All Monsters, but only if the film went well...And it did. This means we MIGHT get the sequel (If Mr. Edwards is up for it). So, what I want to know is, what would you like this new movie to be like? What monsters do you want? Do you want any characters to return?


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  • ChaosWarrior17

    Ever wondered who would win in a fight between The Big G and a Saiyan Great Ape? I'm gonna pit these two Legendary (UNINTENTIONAL PUN) franchises against eachother!


    1: Characters MUST be from the Godzilla and Dragon Ball franchises.

    2: NO TROLLS (I'm looking at YOU, FailSwe).

    And 3: Make the fight fair.


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